try, take time – take time, try is a body of developing works compiling photographic, sculptural, and installation approaches concerned with the dualities of care and labor. Through considerations of balancing the tenderness alongside the rigidity and rage needed to cause change manifests via pictorial sequencing and referential iconography. The works make time for concerns related to setting affirmations, safe keeping, protection, and preparedness.

One’s field of view exists and transcends multitudes – blending degrees of needed softness and conviction. Encapsulating this disparateness delves into the functionality of these simultaneously differing but similar emotions and approaches.  The work calls upon these methods of making to look into how one can harness the needed firmness to create direction with the leniency and care needed to hold space for compassion.

The functionality of the hammer holds immediate strong parallels with that of the camera. It is a tool – meant for flattening, shaping, changing, destroying, altering. Both utilize these functions for labor, concern, and energy to change; and hopefully grow. The need to impart and act with is imperative within each.

Cultural history tied to the presentation of foo lions manifests a focus towards protection. Paired with purpose the marigolds hold in warding and deterrence, the representational formulation of Guard Our Gardens is meant to stabilize space and place in a similar capacity. Utilizing a simultaneous ferocity, stoic presentation while also intentional and careful focus; the element of readiness and guardianship is instilled to protect that is which vulnerable and cared for.

Installation images from solo exhibtion at The Blue House Gallery - Dayton, OH

impart (mallet, tack, claw, ball peen, sledge)

Guard Our Gardens