Jesse Ly is an Asian-American artist originating from Dayton, OH. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a minor in Art History and a certificate in Critical Visions from the University of Cincinnati’s college of DAAP. He has recently returned to Dayton, OH, where he is the Graphic Design and Photography Media Facilities Coordinator for Art & Design at the University of Dayton.

Ly is a visual artist who primarily uses a photographic approach that incorporates processes of sculpture, installation, bookmaking, and writing to inform and expand imagery. His work explores identity through representation in photographs and its liminal qualities of existence. This examines how photographic depictions may incite differentiation in presence and portrayal through representation versus actuality.

These concepts surface in formats of self-analyzation, fixating on how Ly himself and those he has immediate discursive relationships with exists through imagery. By utilizing these depicting objects, a further dialog of the relationships of image making, existence, and conceptual formulation is apprehended. By then intervening and examining the indexical structure of these photographs, a visual inquiry of physical, ethereal and psychological spaces become re-contextualized through the perception and depiction of the liminal spaces and notions imagery creates.

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2020 - University of Cincinnati, College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning
Bachelors in Fine Arts, minor in Art History, & certificate in Critical Visions
Magna Cum Laude

Solo Exhibitions

Image Interference. - Basketshop Gallery - Cincinnati, OH

Dear, Sincerely, - Aviary Gallery - Jamaica Plain, MA

Not A Real Person. - The 840 Gallery - Cincinnati, OH

Select Group Exhibitions

a labor of love - Soft Lighting Studios

Lions, Tigers, and Sustainability, OH MY - The Red Door Project - Cincinnati, OH

Wild Frictions - Contemporary Arts Center - Cincinnati, OH

winter 2021 open call - Esperanza Project Space

The 2020 Favorite Photo Exhibition - Lenscratch

Janus - Darkside Collective

Full House - Localhost Gallery

DAAPworks 2020 - Cincinnati, OH

Liminal - Cumulus Photo

20Emerging - Gallery Q at the Out Alliance – Rochester, NY

An Art Book Affair (w/ Hot Take Press) - Beeler Gallery - Columbus, OH

Make Me Love You In 10 Jpgs Or Less - Skylab Gallery - Columbus, OH

Home-Body - Tabula Rasa Gallery - Cincinnati, OH

Fresh Looks 2020 - Eastern Michigan University Galleries - Ypsillanti, MI

Cincinnati Art Book Fair 2019 (w/ Hot Take Press) - The Carnegie – Covington, KY

¯_(ツ)_/¯ - The Waiting Room Gallery – Cincinnati, OH

The 2019 Dog Exhibition - Lenscratch

About Future - Millepiani - Rome, Italy

An Unclear View - Indie Grits Labs - Colombia, SC

FotoFocus Auto//Update - The Carnegie - Covington, KY

AD 2019: Cincinnati Edition - Anytime Department - Cincinnati, OH

The Pivotal Image Cumulus Photo

hYbRiD iNtErFeReNcE, XTUD1O, The Warehouse Studios. - Cincinnati, OH

Printed Matter L.A. Art Book Fair - The Geffen at MOCA, (w/ Hot Take Press) - Los Angeles, CA

Re-Definition - The 840 Gallery - Cincinnati, OH 2018

Cincinnati Art Book Fair (w/ Hot Take Press) - The Carnegie - Covington, KY

Power Moves - Victory Parkway Galleries - Cincinnati, OH

Objectif Obscura - The 840 Gallery - Cincinnati, OH

Taking Stock - The 840 Gallery - Cincinnati, OH

Sights & Sounds 2 - Glendora House - Cincinnati, OH

Not Porn - The 840 Gallery - Cincinnati, OH

Urban Tapestry - 1628LTD - Cincinnati, OH

Sights & Sounds - Glendora House - Cincinnati, OH

Rocky’s Reels Video Art Show - DAAP Galleries - Cincinnati, OH

International Sculpture Day Art Show - Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park - Hamilton, OH

At Capacity Art Show - The 840 Gallery - Cincinnati, OH

Awards & Activities
2019 - Nikon Storytellers Scholarship Semifinalist

2017 - Franklin Palmer & Marjorie Stewart Palmer Scholarship - Academic Achievement - University of Cincinnati

2015 - SkillsUSA Commercial Photography Competition
National Competition Top Ten Placement (7th place out of 50),
Ohio State Competition Winner (1st Place), Ohio Southwest Regional Winner (1st Place)

2015 - Ohio Governor’s Art Exhibition Semifinalist

Selected Publications/Bibliography

The Third Rail Quarterly Issue 14

a labor of love - Soft Lighting Studios

Potluck: Identity As. A CVSN Anthology – Cincinnati, OH.

Dear, Sincerely, - Edition of 30, Inkjet and Laser Print (Independent, published w./Hot Take Press) – Cincinnati, OH.

Now What? Thoughts On Photography – Lenscratch

A Matter of Being – Quiet Pages Press – Philadelphia, PA.

Archive As Action, Exhibition catalogue for Contemporary Arts Center (w./ Hot Take Press) - Cincinnati, OH

W.A.R. - (w./ Hot Take Press) Book & Poster edition, Carmen Winant - CAVE - Detroit, MI

Dear Jeff, - (w./ Hot Take Press), Nate Larson & Marni Shindelman - George Eastman Museum - Rochester, NY

Let’s Get Weird Volume 2. - PZA Club - Cincinnati, OH

Disconnect - edition of 50, risograph print (Independent, published w./ Hot Take Press) - Cincinnati, OH

Intersection of Spaces by Hannah Brown - edition of 10, archival inkjet printed (w/ Hot Take Press) - Cincinnati, OH

Bad Conez by Aubrey Theobald - edition of 40, risograph print (w./ Hot Take Press) - Cincinnati, OH

Year/Book - Hot Take Press - Cincinnati, OH

Crushed Zine - Cincinnati, OH

Smelly Curb Magazine, Issue #45 - Columbus, OH


e-flux - Wild Frictions
Basketshop Gallery - FotoFocus
FotoFocus - Light &

FotoFocus - Auto//Update
Printed Matter - LA Art Book Fair

Professional Experience 

2021 - Present
Graphic Design & Photography Media Facilites Coordinator - University of Dayton

2018- Present
Hot Take Press Design & Production Crew <3

Studio Photographer - Cowans/Hindman Auctions

Studio & Teaching Assistant - Laura Letinsky - University of Chicago

Photo & Print Lab Technician - University of Cincinnati DAAP