Still There & Here. is a growing body of work that expands on the nostalgia induced through the photographic process.
Its ethereal and stirring presence balances the isolated moments exposed in the imagery and materializes a poetic gesture of reflection.

By situating oneself behind the camera, an active act of protecting a moment with an attempt to eternalize it occurs while dually notating its death.
By then addressing this conflict, this collection of imagery wrestles with the actions, acts, rituals, and environments that situate this existence of being constantly placed within the post-condition of all passing moments. Collectively investigating what it means to live through new and old, life and death, grief and moving forward.

Building this body of work has become a process of notating, unpacking, processing and reminding.

Notating what is gone and will never return – camaraderie, love & lives.

Unpacking traumas experienced and inherited racially, physically & psychologically.

Processing what it means to continue on through all of this.

Reminding oneself of these lived experiences and their importance to growth and continuance.

Finding connections to acts and spaces that hold nostalgia that never existed until death intervenes. Finding oneself in relation to the minutia of small objects and actions, to vast distances and spaces that have been crossed by others that have brought you to the moments you exist in now. Grieving and continuing here, but could not have reached this point without coming from there.

Install images from In Regards to Nostalgia -Pearlman Gallery at
The Art Academy of Cincinnati, 2021
Curated by Sso-Rha Kang. Ground artworks by Aubrey Theobald. Frames by Mark Albain.
Exhibition Review - Undermain Mag written by C.M. Turner