Image Interference. 2020.
Archival Inkjet Prints,
Handmade Frames

Through the process of both creation and experience of discursive depictions, Image Interference balances both the appearance of indexical truth and anecdotal nature of photographic imagery. Within the foreground lies the viewer transitional experience from presentation to impression. Reckoning with the varying nuances from what once was and now appears before the viewer, but in the form of a flattened and cropped view, allows for changing perspectives that directly create liminal spaces. Adjustments that move the individual view to including and understanding the view of others addresses this gap and expands the photographic dialog from “what is here,” to “how is it here and why.” These concerns and notions further divide these gaps that allow bleeding into more specific concerns in relation to identity. In the case of this work, pertinent concerns directly address facets of relationships, nostalgia, passing moments, racial disparity, melancholy and appreciation. This deconstruction incites a willingness to transcend and further understand these disparities of viewing, in terms of both photographic and actuality. Coming into these compositions from the array of varying and subversive experiences every person holds creates differentiation subjected to the photographs. This questioning within photographic complexity extends the conversation of the continual necessity of image making and instigates these pursuits to further understand what directly comes from and differentiates in these pulls from reality.