Dear, Sincerely, 2020.
Archival Inkjet Prints. Unfixed Silver Gelatin Prints, Cyanotypes, Handmade Frames.

Dear, Sincerely, fixates on my experience of my father’s passing. Addressing the archival and ephemeral nature of memory, loss, and grief, the work reflects on formulative experiences and the futility of future memories. By utilizing a darkroom approach of unfixed printing, images from my past exemplify the ephemerality of moments that are now lost. Through this process, the pictorial content actively diminishes as the photographs are further exposed to light. Exhibiting these works alongside images that directly reference the lasting effects of his death, this body of work demonstrates my coping with temporality and honors the life of my father.

Install Shots from Home-Body at Tabula Rasa Gallery, Cincinnati, OH