Not A Real Person. 2018.
Archival Inkjet Prints, Silkscreen Prints, Readymade/PhotoSculptures, Video Installation/Projections.

Projected representations of self-identity, exploring notions of uncertainty of oneself.  These works are made to further expand upon the individual, moving past the basic forms of representation of said person and elaborating on the individual as a whole. Through photographic work, readymade sculpture, silkscreen printmaking techniques and videography content in unison, this collection of work was made to separate these areas of physical, mental and emotional experience into a cohesive visual format.

The idea of the individual comes from multiple viewpoints and perceptions that nurture a character into a generalized persona. This collection of work was made to represent these different areas in various categories that represent the individual entirely versus the generalized viewpoints that create stereotypes and half-truths. These sections explore the independent viewpoints and projected focuses of self in the different nurtured categories one experiences through life. These images and objects are installed together to further navigate one’s perceptions of their own character creating a profound study of the effects of nurtured growth through different conditions. These different classifications through visual content diverge from the lack of information from base representation and create a more comprehensive understanding of individual identity through dichotomy and classification.

The Physical Self. The Psychological Self. Perceptions of Self. The Post-Internet Self. The Participational Experience Self.