Dimensions. 2017.
Archival Inkjet Photo Sculptures.

Dimensions are photo-sculptural objects exploring the idea of the photograph and portraiture imagery employed within it, and how the effects of deconstruction, reconstruction, erasure, and perception of the imagery can affect the viewers of the works and the standpoints of the idea of said person displayed. These forms challenge how the variety of documentation of work is disseminated through the variety of content that is continually put onto internet platforms. The lenticulated nature of the objects calls for constant need for interaction and movement surrounding the works, forcing the viewers to continually explore new viewpoints to the works.

Expanding upon the actual photographic content of the work, the use of portraiture is paired with the employment of the tool Sous Rature. This is a "strategic philosophical device originally developed by German philosopher Martin Heidegger. Usually translated as 'under erasure', it involves the crossing out of a word within a text but allowing it to remain legible and in place." In this case utilizing these elements into the portraits, where one side of the sculpture representing one person, and the folds and lines creating dimensionality necessitating a number of directional frames of view towards the represented person, just as a someone would be required to interact and understand an actual person, and the various dimensional qualities that comes with each person.